Bircuit Cent

from by Circuit Bent



Released on Electro Sunglasses EP


I can't say that becoming aware makes sadness go away
Because what seperates each glorious passing moment is that it's different

The real common social behaviour you plug directly in you head(look at them)
Designed to control identity. So what explains being totally awake right now?

Because the process, looking at it clearly, it's just manipulating narrative
Like looping new digital music to make the ladies go ha ha ha ha ha

Anybody ever wonder whats inbetween all the crazy sounds in your head? (I dunno)
I guess it's about being inspired by delusions from inside yourself

Just like the gears turning in several of these tiny thoughts which are really never held
Back in time, moving back here, being there, without ever really being anywhere(they're just standing there)

With a little purple book about the nature of opening a passageway into questions of
philosophers orbiting a nucleus; when something happened - At stake was the very nature of reality

The nature... ha ha ha ha ha ha (don't laugh)
Whats going on in there? I dunno, Ed (Mostly nobody was sure what happened, nobody understood it)
We're having a little trouble ha ha haha ah ah ah ahh ahhhh


from The Circuit Bento Box, track released November 3, 2013



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Circuit Bent Melbourne, Australia

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